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Hey pals! It’s been so long since I wrote something. Crazy couple of months with the Graduation Project, you know. […]


Hi guys! Its been a looooooooong time. I know. Sorry for being inconsistent with my blogs, but I’ll be honest. […]

I must fly.

You’re unorganised, unsynchronized but you must know how to fly. From the inky days to your hormonal can of worms, […]


Hey guys. I have always been a loud kinda person when it comes to my expressions but this is the […]


HEY! The word beautiful is used in quite a few wrong contexts and we have people talking about it and […]


Hey lovelies, Silver tribal jwellery has become a recent favourite and Since I had the opportunity to collaborate with Inaayat […]

The New Me!

hey guys! I feel good today. Better about myself and what I am doing. like every other person, I have […]


Hey guys! What’s happening?? Well before I could do something for Diwali I was thinking to myself why not go a […]


Hey guys, Stripes was such a hit this summer and it has been in the market for the longest time. […]

The ONE!

Hey guys! First off, I am so happy I decided to start a blog finally. Obviously it’s not an overnight […]